Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Favorite Pictures From The Last Month Part 1 - B2B 2008

I am a TERRIBLE blogger. I have no excuse... except that I've entered the land of a thousand weddings... or ten weddings... but it feels like a thousand.

I don't even have a coherent story to tell... but I do have lots of pictures.

For part 1 of my catch-up I give you: Bay to Breakers 2008 - a weekend of debauchery in pictures.

My friends and I went as Breakfast of Champions, it was a good time.

Here we are building the floats:
IMG_8913 IMG_8913

IMG_8913 IMG_8913

Here we are getting serious about some math:

Here I am building my hat... it was a bit big at first, dontcha think?
IMG_8913 IMG_8609

Here I am demonstrating the adjustable feature on the wheaties box (snazzy no?)
IMG_8609 IMG_8609

Here we are asking for a hangover:

Really a terrible idea:

Here's the whole gang at the start of the race:

Here's Kyle dressed as the Honeynut Cheerios Bee and me dressed as Cap'n Crunch.

Our beautiful breakfast table (the whole thing flipped up to reveal a cooler filled with beer inside the shopping cart! What do you expect from a bunch of engineers!?)

Our awesome carton of milk:

Here's the sign that we accidentally attached upside down (yeah, we're awesome!)

The back of my shirt:

Jason and Ben dressed like toast:

Pit stop along the race route to play rock-band:

You gotta love the tiny wings on Kyle:

My neck was pretty sore by the end of the day from that hat!

Did I mention there was some drinking...

IMG_8913 IMG_8913
IMG_8685 IMG_8623

IMG_8632 IMG_8620

Here's proof I made it mile 4 (out of 7):

Unfortunately I didn't make it much further... (photos too incriminating for the interweb so I'll just leave it at that.)

Stay tuned for part two... Wedding 1 of 10 for 2008... in Florida!!!

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