Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hi hi! I'm back from Bethesda! Oh, didn't I mention it? I was in Bethesda last week for work... leadership development, to be specific. Apparently someone thinks I should be a leader. Cool. Anyway, it was a pretty awesome week:

Sunday - Arrive at Dulles International Airport, take a $60 cab ride (thank goodness work is footing the bill!!!) to my hotel in Silver Spring, eat sushi all by my lonesome. (Feel rather depressed to be traveling/eating alone.)

Monday - Wake up at 6 am (East Coast Time... aka 3 am West Coast Time!!!) so I can be on the shuttle to my class by 7. Goodness gracious it was EARLY! Get to class, am bummed that I seem to have ended up in a"loser" class. After class meet my friend Anna for dinner and drinks. (Fun!!!)

Tuesday - Roll out of bed at 6 am cursing Eastern Standard Time. Have an awesome day at class. Decide a FEW of my classmates aren't totally lame. Go out for Thai food with a dozen or so people from my class and then go back to my hotel room to DO MY TAXES!!!! (Holy crap. I can't believe I waited till 9:30pm on April 15 to do my freakin taxes! SO unlike me!)

Wednesday - Would it kill them to start the class an hour later??? 6 am is a terrible time to have to wake up when you're jet-lagged! Another great day of training. After class we have a big dinner back at the hotel for the whole group - free beer and wine! We all take advantage. And after that, several of us go out for more beers at a local Irish bar. I decide I LOOOOOVE my classmates. "You're the best, man!" "No, YOU'RE the best!" Free beer + more beer + jet-jag = drunk Courtney. D'oh. And then, to top it all off, I may have gone to bed in all of my clothes... scarf, jacket, everything. Gah. You can't take me anywhere.

Thursday - Wake up (spinning) at 5:15 am in all of my clothes. Think to self, "Awesome!". Change into jammies and sleep for additional 45 minutes. Whimper when alarm goes off at 6 am. Decide to wear outfit that requires no ironing, sleep for 10 more minutes. Make it to shuttle by 7 am with coffee in hand and sunglasses glued to my face. Am greeted by several understanding (and equally hungover looking) faces. My classmates rule. Spend morning fighting the urge to hurl. Feel much better after large bowl of soup at lunch. After class, all of my new friends take off for the airport. :( Very anti-climactic. "Bye new friends!!" I wave to them all as I get on the shuttle back to the hotel with a few other stragglers. Get to room and collapse on bed. Order room service. Watch Men in Black. Get good night's sleep

Friday - Wake up at the far more sane hour of 9:30 am. Pack stuff. Check out of hotel. Best friend, Sara, and her boyfriend, Sean, pick me up and we head to Baltimore for the day! See Harbor, shop, get nails done, go to happy hour, go to Orioles game, go out in Baltimore. Fun fun fun!

Sara and me at the game

Saturday Day - Touristy stuff: see monuments, declaration of independence, hope diamond, etc.

IMG_8396 IMG_8401
IMG_8413 IMG_8417
IMG_8433 IMG_8434
IMG_8446 IMG_8457
IMG_8463 IMG_8462
IMG_8464 IMG_8468
IMG_8473 IMG_8472

Saturday Night - Go to Passover dinner with Sean's family and then out in DC. Order only wine and drinks made with Kettle One vodak (which is made from potatoes) in an attempt to keep kosher for Passover. Meet up with my friend, Liz (who, incidently, is also Kyle's ex, Liz... but I like her, a lot, and so I've decided to keep her, and change her name from "Kyle's ex" to "my friend".)

Sunday - Decide I'm not cut out for the whole kosher for Passover thing... get panini for breakfast. (I'm a bad fake jew.) Make it to airport on time. (Yay!) Fly home. Am greeted by my awesome, sexy, amazing future husband at baggage claim.

Happy Courtney.

Monday - back to "real" work... Le sigh.

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