Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My Mother, The Bionic Woman

My mom now officially has TWO titanium knees! So weird!

Kyle and I were down in central California last weekend to take care of her when she got home from the hospital. This surgery (for the 2nd knee) went way smoother than the first one. (She had the first knee done about a month ago.) I think she was way more prepared (mentally, physically) the second time around... plus she got better drugs!

It is just SO GOOD to know that it's over, and that she is healing nicely, and that she'll be able to dance at my wedding!!!!! (For the past few years just walking has been really difficult for her due to some VERY old injuries in her knees.)

Anyway the weekend was vey relaxing, and semi productive...

Make soup - check! My mom LOVES my chicken soup! :)

Tan - not so much... but Kyle and I did go for a run so at least my legs got to SEE the light of day.

Select invitations for my wedding - ummmmmm. No. I'm a big fat procrastinator. Ugh.

Order bridesmaids dresses - CHECK!!!!!!! This is HUGE for me!!!!!!! I am beyond excited/freaked out/nervous/anxious/happy about this. I just wish they would magically APPEAR at my house so I could stop worrying about the sizes not fitting, or them getting lost in the mail, or the factory where they are being made bursting into flames, etc. I also went a smidge crazy and "Designed my Dream Wedding!" using the David's Bridal website. Fun... but also a bit creepy:

the bridesmaids

Design and order invitations for my step-dad's 60 birthday party - check!! They came out really snazzy:


Anyway, that's all I've got... will blog more soon... assuming I can tear myself away from the knot. :)

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