Thursday, May 01, 2008

It's Not That I've Abandoned The Internet Entirely

... it's just that I've been sort of living at instead of here for a while.

*Hangs head in shame*

I even made a "bio" page... see, girls on the knot make these bio pages to share with each other for ideas and inspiration and to show off snazzy little do-it-yourself projects that they've done. (Note: I have NO snazzy projects to share yet... but hopefully soon!) Anyway, I made it using google pages. Wanna see?
Click here!

Fun. No?

In other news, last weekend was awesome in one of those blissfully plan-free sort of ways. We took each day as it came at us and just sort of went with the flow. It was officially our last "free" weekend until July 12th. Ugh.

Friday night we saw the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" with our friend, Akbar. Kyle and I hadn't seen a movie in the theater since "Transformers"... yeah, LAST JULY! Wow.

Saturday we went for a run in Golden Gate Park (per my instructions, Kyle has been trying to whip my butt into shape for the wedding/honeymoon) and then we had a leisurely brunch at one of our fave restaurants,
Park Chalet. After brunch we registered at Crate and Barrel (YAYAYAYAAYY!!!!!), cleaned our house, and then had our friend Ari over for BBQ. (His wife was out of town and so we took care of him. Gah! When did we become such grown-ups?)

Sunday we registered at Macy's (YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!) and then had ANOTHER BBQ with our friends Sophie, Tony, and Jess. The weather was SO gorgeous that we just couldn't help BBQing twice in two days.

My mom had knee surgery on Tuesday and so Kyle and I will be spending this weekend down in central California taking care of her while my step-dad runs their restaurant. I'm really excited to see her.

Plans for this weekend:
1. Make Chicken Soup for mom
2. Tan (I'm going camping next weekend and do not want to be Neon White)
3. Select invitations for my wedding!
4. Order Bridesmaid dresses!
5. Design and order invitations for my step-dad's 60 birthday party (It's pirate themed. Arrr.)

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