Monday, March 31, 2008

Pre-Wedding Diet... Or Something

With the wedding day approaching at what appears to be the speed of light, I've decided to take DRASTIC measures... I'm going on a diet. (Gasp.)

Anyone who knows me knows I don't *do* the whole diet thing. (Thank goodness I love vegetables... because if I had to eat them solely because some *diet* said I had to, they would NEVER get eaten. Sometimes I'm kind of a rebel.)

Anyway, to ensure success, I'm implementing some special diet tools. You know, like telling my friends about it so they can cheer me on, and posting my goal weight on the fridge, oh and having four teeth pulled so I can't eat anything. You know, the usual stuff. I'm gonna be SO SKINNY. Woo-hoo!!


Ok, so maybe I'm NOT having my teeth pulled in order to lose weight. Maybe there is no diet. Maybe I'm just finally having my wisdom teeth taken out (tomorrow!!!) and I'm TERRIFIED about it and I'm trying to convince myself that it'll be awesome instead of horrifying because I'll no doubt be all svelte and stuff after living on soup for a week and who cares! about the blood and the pain and the swelling and the gauze and the GIANT HOLES IN MY MOUTH! You know, kinda how you convince yourself that having the flu rocks because at least you fit into your skinny jeans for a few days afterwards?

Getting teeth pulled rocks too, right?

My dentist gave me a Valium to take right before the surgery... I think I might just take it now.

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