Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Survived!

The surgery went well... they even let me keep my teeth!

Here's the run-down for others considering (or avoiding) getting their wisdom teeth out: I took some Valium about an hour before my appointment, it made me sleepy and not nervous, which was nice. (I would highly recommend going this route.) When I arrived at the dentist's office, they gave me an IV and just enough anesthesia to barely sedate me, so I was sort of in and out during the whole thing. There was no pain at all, and I didn't see a single scary tool (was afraid I'd see giant bloody pliers or something!)... just felt some very light tugging. It's weird that teeth can just be pulled out, I've always thought of them as being so nicely attached to me. I felt them pull two teeth out and then they said, "ok, you're all done." And I said, "what about the other two?" And they said, "We already got those, you slept right through it." (Wow! Modern medicine RULES!) Then they had me take a little 20-30 minute nap to let the anesthesia wear off a bit. Then they put me in Kyle's car and I was off. Piece of cake!

My mouth is still numb, so there's still no pain, but it's supposed to wear off around noon or so, so we'll see how happy campery I am then.

For now I'm mostly just thinking, "Whew, thank goodness it's over!"

Thanks for all the good thoughts and sweet words, everyone. They really helped.


Chipmunk Watch 2008:

Day 1 - immediately after surgery

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