Monday, June 16, 2008

Favorite Florida Picture

Well, I had it in my head to do a whole Florida recap post, but seriously time is just getting away from me... So I'll just post my favorite picture from the weekend and be done with it. It's me and Kyle playing on the beach on Sanibel Island, looking at tiny mollusks as they wash up onto shore and then dig their way into the sand. They were SO CUTE! And they TICKLED like crazy!! :)

On the beach
Photo by Kyle's dad.

In other news, I finally (FINALLY!!!!!!) ordered my wedding invitations today!!! (Eeeeeeee!!) I'm especially pleased with the RSVP card:

RSVP -ck

I borrowed the idea from another bride on - I think it's pretty fantastic. Hopefully my guests get a kick out of it. I CANNOT wait to mail them out! :)

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