Friday, June 20, 2008

Proof I've Lived With Modern Technology For Too Long

I received an email this morning from Kyle's sister (who p.s. is getting married in 2 weeks) asking me to please call someone named Jeannie to RSVP for the rehearsal dinner.

So I called.

Of course, I assumed the number she gave me was Jeannie’s cell phone number, mostly because I assume ALL phone numbers are cell phone numbers these days.

Well, imagine my surprise when a male voice answered and said, “Smiths*”… I stumbled for a minute trying to figure out what do to, as I was obviously not speaking with Jeannie, and then finally just said, “Hi! My name’s Courtney, I’m Erica’s brother’s fiancé and I’m calling to RSVP for the rehearsal dinner.” Then the man on the line stumbled for a bit and I could tell that he was not quite prepared for an RSVP from some stranger on the phone, clearly this phone call was meant for someone else. But he composed himself and took down my name and how many I would be coming with and, in the end, the phone call accomplished what it needed to. After I hung up it occurred to me that I had probably just called their HOUSE phone (as opposed to a cell phone) and that I probably should have just *asked* for Jeannie when the man picked up.


It’s been so long since I’ve called someone on a land line (and had someone other than the person I was trying to reach pickup) that I COMPLETELY forgot what to do. With cell phones, you call Jeannie and you either get Jeannie or you get Jeannie’s voice mail. And that's that. With house phones there’s no telling who you’re going to get! It’s weird to remember a time when you had to verify who you were speaking with when you placed a phone call. (“Hi, is this Becky? Hi Becky, this is Courtney.”)

Sheesh, how did I ever manage?

*Name changed

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