Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ozomatli, Ya Se Fue!

Reason # 8,452,321 why I love San Francisco (in no particular order): free concerts in the park with awesome bands like Ozomatli.

It was all but impossible to drag my 26 year old self out of bed at the butt crack of drawn (read: 7 am) Sunday morning – I’m no spring chicken, you know – but it was well worth it. We simply *had* to get good seats for the free concert at Stern Grove staring one of my fave bands, Ozomatli.

Thank goodness for Laura and AJ who got there at 9 am. Kyle and I missed ONE bus and didn’t arrive till 9:30 (grrr). The rest of our (totally random) crew trickled in throughout the morning until the concert started. By 2 pm we were rockin’ out with a few work friends, a few of Kyle’s friends from college, one of my best girl friends, a girl Kyle met while serving jury duty (hello, random), and a few of her friends – one of whom happened to be a friend of mine from Berkeley who I hadn’t seen in like 4 years (hello, small world!) In total we had about 15 people drinking wine and beer, eating WAY too much bread with fancy cheese, and having an absolute blast dancing to some amazing latin funk.

Ozomatli: You rock for bringing such a great group of people together!

San Fran: I heart you! But you alerady knew that. :)

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