Friday, August 18, 2006

Life With Caitlin

3 weeks ago I found a pink Starburst in my bedroom. “Ohh! A Starburst!” I thought as I picked it up and placed it in a spot of honor in the middle of my dresser. “I’ll save you for later.”

And later came, and went, and came again, and went again. And every day I’d see the little candy sitting on my dresser and I’d think “Gosh, I love pink Starbursts!” but I wouldn’t eat it. I was like a child with one last piece of Halloween candy – saving it until that perfect moment arrived when nothing in the world would delight me more than a single pink Starburst.

And then my sister, Caitlin, came to visit me for my birthday.

She was putting her stuff down in my room and I was out in the hallway and suddenly I heard, “Ohh! A Starburst!” And she picked up my pink Starburst and popped it in her mouth.


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