Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Take That, Mall

After spending *another* long and fruitless evening at the mall, I decided to give up on my quest to find the perfect birthday girl party dress.

At 9:45pm, I went to Target (I love target... Love love LOVE Target... so much so that my roommates are convinced that I should call my credit card company and tell them to no longer authorize charges from there because almost every time I go I spend $200... but that's another story.) Anyway... at 9:45 pm I went to Target and in about 10 minutes found an adorable tank top for $15. Fifteen Bucks!!! Weary from my 4 hour shopping adventure but reinvigorated by my awesome find, I drove home to put an outfit together.

Turns out I already owned jewelry that matched PERFECTLY (Yes!) and my fave pair of shoes - so cute and Oh So Comfortable - were just right. AND this purse I bought AGES ago but haven't used yet TOTALLY works with the shoes. (Who knew!?) AND (the best part) I'm wearing the same jeans that I wore on my birthday last year... so 1. Yes! I still fit in my birthday jeans from last year and 2. I found $15 in the back pocket! So net $$ spent on fab birthday ensemble... ZERO Dollars. Score!!!

Everything worked out so perfectly. And to think I almost shelled out $148 for this puffy little number from BCBG! Eeek!

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