Monday, August 14, 2006

Twenty Six

I woke up this morning twenty six years old. Twenty six. Years. Old.

I woke up to one of my best friends calling me from New York. "Happy Birthday!!!" she chirped. Her birthday's not till September. Lucky B*tch. She gets 4 more weeks of 25. I never liked her.

And as far as the rest of my friends and family go - you know the ones who have been absolutely amazing to me and have made me feel loved, and blessed, and special today- yeah, I never liked them either. Hello! I'm 26 today!! My wrinkles and I are trying to have a little pity party for ourselves over here and they are totally ruining it!! How am I supposed to feel sorry for myself when I'm wearing a Birthday Girl! tiara and sitting in a cubicle filled with streamers and confetti. And did I mention the piƱata? Honestly!

Me in my streamer filled cubicle wearing my new tiara... note the fab clip on earrings too!

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