Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

... because it's easier to just answer them all here.

What's BlogHer?
It's (apparently) where the women bloggers are.

What's a BlogHer conference?
A conference/weekend getaway for (mostly) female blog writers. (BlogHer 2006 was the second annual!)

What did you do there?
Well, there were workshops - how to make money with your blog (Big shock – place ads in your sidebar and hope people click on 'em), how to get more readers, brief html stuff, how to add video, tips on editing digital photos, etc.... none of it was super useful... but it was still fun. We heard from the creaters of Flickr.com and Blogger.com (so cool!) They also had "celebrity" panels where we had Q&A with some “famous” bloggers... Dooce was one... I have no idea who the others were... but one chick - a professional blogger - kept 17 blogs!!! WOW! And mostly it was just a lot of networking and meeting other bloggers and making new friends etc. It was fun. A bit overwhelming, but fun – plus we got all sorts of cool free SWAG.

How do you get invited to BlogHer?
There is absolutely NO INVITE necessary to attend BlogHer. Although EVERYONE there knew EVERYONE else because they all read each other... so I sorta felt like I was crashing someone's party... I mean, I've never even heard of Dooce!! You do, unfortuantly, need a (rather pricey) ticket.

How did you end up there?
My friend, Jes, managed to score me a free ticket. We love her.

What were the famous bloggers and the mommy bloggers like?
Well... I didn't really know who was famous and who wasn't until the very end (I finally caught on and began to understand the paparazzi)... but they were nice and normal... I mean, we’re all human, we all blog, we're all basically the same – they just happen to be more widely read (and, apparently, wittier) than the rest of us. Who cares? The mommies mostly all sat together and looked young and hip and fabulous. If this was high school, they definitely would have been the cheerleaders in fantastic little skirts with perfect skin. And I really think they could single-handedly take over the world – mostly because their other hand would be busy carrying a small child. (Caitlin – if you’re reading this – they were “pompom cheerleader mommies” to a T.)

Did people drool over the famous bloggers?
YES! And I have no idea why. I mean, you read a person's blog EVERYDAY... I would think that you would feel like you *know* them... right? So why the drool?

Who did you meet?
All sorts of lovely women!!! And the ones whose blogs I like, I'll be adding to my "Other blogs I like" list - regardless of whether or not they are famous.

Was it a total estrogen fest?
YES!!! My monthly friend even came early - way sync up ladies!

Bathroom lines?
Suprisingly not too bad. I, for one, was SHOCKED!

Will you go back next year?
Ummmm, it's in Chicago - which I've never been to... so maybe? But only if some my other blog friends come with me! I want to have my own hip posse that others can drool over from afar. :)