Thursday, August 03, 2006

Victory Is Mine

Welcome! to my new and improved URL address.

This is the URL that I wanted in the first place... but when I created my account, sigh, it was taken. And so that was that. I settled on "ShortButSweetForCertain" because it at least had *something* to do with the title of my blog. (It's a line from a Dave Matthews song for those not in the know.)

Anyway, the always fabulous Jes mentioned to me that the lucky bastard who did have the "CelebrateWeWill" URL hadn't posted in OVER A YEAR! The nerve! So I sent the guy an email and said "Please please please can I have your URL!!!???"

*holding breath, crossing fingers*

And he said, "Sure!"

*oh joy!! oh happiness!! oh twinkly stars and rainbows and birthday cake*


And so, here it is: My new URL! If I could hug it, I would.

(I'm hugging my monitor right now, does that count?)

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