Monday, August 07, 2006

I Hate The Mall

Ok. I take it back. I was coming from a very emotional place there. I don't actually *hate* the mall. I'm sorry.

But at the moment, we are SO not friends.

My birthday party is FOUR DAYS away. Four Days! And what do I have to wear? Nothing!! So I spent 2 hours power shopping around the
greatest mall on the planet. And what did I find? Nothing!!

I even ventured into the stores that are normally totally off limits to me because just looking at the price tags is enough to send me into cardiac arrest. Yes, I went into those stores... totally prepared to part with a ridiculous amount of money if (and only if) I found something acceptable to wear Friday night. And you know what? Nothing!!


Why is it that when I go shopping, with money, ready to buy something, there is NOTHING to be found. But when I'm totally poor, and don't need a thing, and am really not mentally prepared for an all out shopping spree, EVERYTHING in the mall is adorable and on sale and totally flattering and just CALLING OUT for me to buy it.


You know what, on second thought, I DO hate the mall.