Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Stupid Stupid Stupid

Well, now I've done it. I've started reading Book 6. (Harry Potter, duh.) I didn't want to start reading it (not yet anyway)... I certainly don't have time to start reading it... I don't even OWN the book that I'm supposed to be reading for my book club. Not good. Not good at all.
I was stuck at work for EIGHTEEN hours yesterday running a test. Well, mostly I was just watching a test, occasionally adjusting some knobs and whatnot, you know, generally making sure that nothing catastrophic happened. Fun. So what does one do while staring at a test fixture for 18 hours??? One typically reads. Except that I forgot to bring a book. Doh. And there is only so much web surfing a person can do. Luckily, the other girl running the test with me did bring a book - she's so smart - and she let me borrow it - she's so nice - and it was Harry Potter - Damn her!

So now I'm hooked. Can't eat, can't sleep, certainly can't read other books. It'll be all I can do to keep up with reading blogs... and writing? Please!
So forgive me if I'm a bad blogger for a while.

Stupid J.K. Rowling and her stupid fabulous books. Grr.