Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I Am So Not The Glue

For those that don't know, I live with boys. Two boys. Two random boys that I met on the internet. Strangers. Not only to me, but to each other too. One of whom isn't even from this country! Yes, I live with strange foreign boys that I met on the internet. No, my mom is not a fan. And uh, I'd really appreciate it if no one told my dad.

It all started out with weeks of searching various roommate websites. I originally wanted to live with girls, but this is Man Jose, and, let's face it, quality women are few and far between here. I finally narrowed my selection down to Glenn and Mark. I emailed each of them individually. Glenn and I had several great email conversations. Mark and I had several great email conversations. Everything was looking good. But I was weary about introducing Glenn and Mark. Sure, they each got along fine with me, but would they get along with each other???
A week before we signed the lease... "Glenn meet Mark, Mark meet Glenn. Please be friends."

Have you ever introduced two friends from different circles to each other? Part of you really wants them to hit it off... but another part of you secretly hopes that you'll always be better friends with each of them than they ever will be with each other. That way they'll always need you. You'll be like the friendship glue.

Well, we can't always have what we want.

Not only are Glenn and Mark friends, they're GREAT friends! They hang out like every night. They have adventures... without me! In fact, at the moment, Glenn, Mark, and a bunch of their other friends are in Costa Rica. (!!!) WITHOUT ME!

The nerve! I'm so not the glue! I'm not even tape. I'm superfluous packing material at best.

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