Monday, July 11, 2005

The Big Ba-Booms

When we were little, my sister and I would go to our grandparents' house every Fourth of July. Caitlin would hide in her room, under her green blankie, and cry about how scary the Big Ba-Booms were. I, on the other hand, would get as close as humanly possible to where they were setting the fireworks off so I could see, hear, and feel the firework display in full force. The bigger and louder, the better. Caitlin has since gotten over her irrational fears, but I still can't seem to get enough of the fiery explosions in the sky followed by the solid BOOM that hits your whole body at once. Fireworks RULE!

This year's Forth of July was spent in a cottage in the woods in Hale, Michigan - also known as nowhere-ville USA. Luckily the cottage is on a lake and we had plenty of water toys to keep us entertained. It was me, Dave, and another couple in the cottage, and 2 couples, a single guy, and a dog camped out in the front yard. Yes, we had nine people and one bathroom... again, thank goodness for the lake. Anyway, while Hale doesn't have a LOT to offer besides a few lakes and a Lutheran Summer Camp, they did have some excellent fireworks.

Saturday, we drank Miller High Life - the Champaign of beers - all day. I got WASTED, took a nap, and then woke up sober just in time to eat ice cream and watch fireworks at the local High School that night. Excellent day!

Sunday, everyone and their mother set off their own fireworks at the lake. And we're not talking wimpy, California, let's not start a forest fire, fireworks... We're talking SERIOUS, visible for a mile, blow your hand off, Michigan fireworks. We bought ours from guy who literally had a "shed out back" where he kept them... as he leads us back to it, he says, "If anyone asks, you bought these in Ohio." As I stepped into the shed my eyes lit up... hello Ohio! We spent a small fortune and then were on our way. That night I felt like I was at the beaches of Normandy... there were explosions, it rained ash, the sky was lit up and filled with smoke, and, of course, there was sound of Ba-Boom! every few seconds for over an hour. It was fantastic! (A bit scary, but fantastic.)

Monday night, we went to Tawas, a few towns over, and had the BEST spot ever for watching the fireworks! I could actually SEE the guys with the flares lighting the fireworks (and then ducking for cover). SO Big, SOOOO Loud, SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much Fun. Even in the rain. (Yes, it rained... apparently no one in Michigan got the memo that IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO RAIN IN JULY!!!)

Anyway, so I felt like I got THREE Fourth of Julys for the price of one, Score! Of course that price was spending NINE days in Michigan... which, let me tell you, can cost you a lot in terms of sanity... but it was good trip, and I'm glad I went. Hooray for the Big Ba-Booms!

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