Friday, July 22, 2005

Selfish Me Says Hooray!

One of my bestest friends in the whole world, the girl I shared a room and a million secrets with for FOUR years in college, ISN'T MOVING TO ISRAEL. YAY!!!

Ok, so I wanted to be the good supportive friend who was totally behind her best friend going to a super kick-ass medical school in Israel. It's a great opportunity, an excellent program, and, oh my, what an adventure!! Unselfish me was totally there for her, 100%.

But then there's selfish me. Selfish me is small, and usually quiet, and isn't allowed to play outside without adult supervision. Don't get me wrong, she sneaks out from time to time - very mischievous that selfish me is - but I do try to keep a tight leash on her. Anyway, selfish me was VERY sad that her best friend was moving away to the other side of the planet - but she said nothing. (See the control I have over her!)

Well, as it turns out, said best friend was recently accepted into a fantastic medical school in VIRGINIA! Yep, right here in our very own contiguous United States!!! After much soul searching, Sara (the bff in question) decided to take the opportunity in Virginia.
Unselfish me - "I'm so proud of her! Wherever she goes, she'll be fantastic. And I will totally visit her."

Selfish me - "Hooray!!!!! My best friend will only be three time zones away! And now I might ACTUALLY visit her."

Is that wrong? I hate being selfish. At the end of the day I really do want what's best for Sara. But if two choices are equally good and one choice keeps her closer to me, I'm allowed to like that choice better, right?

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