Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Was in LA this weekend for my brother's fiance's Bridal Shower. (It was lovely by the way.) At the shower I met someone... my brother's sister. Yep. My brother has a whole other sibling whom I've never met. (ahh, divorce) It was very strange to meet her. I was introducing myself to one of Brigid's (the bride to be) friends... and I was like "Hi, I'm Tyler's sister, Brigid's future sister-in-law" and then behind me I hear "Wait a minute, *I'm* Tyler's sister, Brigid's future sister-in-law"..... huh!?

"You must be Tracy!"
"You must be Courtney!"

Handshake... hug... laughter.


My family is so strange. My other brother, Kris, ALSO has other siblings, whom I've never met... a brother AND a sister. (!!!) Me, Kris, and Tyler are all half siblings. One dad, three moms. (At least my sis and I are full sisters - so that helps keep things a *bit* simpler... Yes my dad had 4 children with 3 women... 3 marriages, 3 divorces... Don't ask)

But wait there's more! So I'm talking to Tracy, and she's telling me a story about her brother... and I'm like, "Tyler?" And she's like "No, my other brother... from my mom's first marriage." So then I realize that we're discussing my brother's sister's brother. Wow. Only in LA, right?
So that was Sunday....

On Monday, I went to a funeral for my step-grandmother. :( It was sad, but it was a really nice memorial. We scattered her ashes at my step aunt and uncle's ranch, which is where she'd want to be. Yes, I have a step aunt and uncle... From my mom's third (and current and hopefully LAST) marriage. At the service were my step aunt and uncle and step cousins and the rest of my step family's extended family. The only person who wasn't there was my stepdad's stepson (technically ex-stepson... but they still consider themselves father and son... so we do too).

I have the most convoluted family of anyone I know! (And you thought the holidays were difficult at YOUR house! Try organizing ANYTHING with this bunch!) But you know what, I love it. I love family. Blood related, half related, step, ex-step, extended, or otherwise. I'll take it in whatever form I can get it... Because at the end of the day all we really have on this planet is our family... so be good to them and be grateful for them... and tell them you love them, even if you can't quite remember how you're related. :)

P.S. Speaking of family... I'm off to Michigan today to spend a week and a half with the boyfriend's family (for the fourth and whatnot)... so I probably won't post again until after the 6th. Don't worry, I didn't fall off the planet - I'll just be in Michigan (which is a close second.)