Friday, July 15, 2005


So my roommate, Glenn, bought a 61-inch television. By the way, it's fantastic, size does matter.... but that's not the point... The point is that the TV came in a box... a really big box... a box, shockingly, large enough to hold a 61" TV. So what does one do with a box that big??? One builds a fort! No? Am I alone here? Glenn got his TV a while ago and has been saving the box. I assumed that said box was being saved for some serious fort building. I assumed wrong. Glenn's plan is to just throw a perfectly good fort box away. :( This saddens me. Are we too old for forts? Have we become so jaded in our adult lives that fort building no longer holds the awe and splendor that it once did? It's such a shame. I'm finally to a point in my life where I could probably build a pretty kick-ass fort (years of engineering training coupled with the fact that I can play with scissors without adult supervision) but now I'm stuck being a grown-up - read: too old for forts. Bummer.

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