Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Well *Now* I'm Numb

So I go to have a cavity filled today and my dentist informs me that some people get their cavities filled without Novocain. Yay for them, I think, drug me please!

Apparently my cavity was really small and Mr. Dentist thought I might be a good candidate for some drug-free drilling... so he pokes at my un-numbed tooth. It turns out I am quite possibly the WORST candidate ever for drug-free drilling. I scream in pain and we decide to take the Novocain route. He gives me a shot, and then we wait for the numbness to take over. Except that it's NOT taking over. I can still feel my whole mouth!!! I inform him of the situation and he says, "Well, let's find out..."

"Ok, you're not numb yet... let's give you a second shot and wait a few more minutes."
Shot... wait... drill...
"Maybe we'll wait just a few more minutes..."

So we wait, and wait, and wait some more.

FINALLY we decide that I'm numb enough and the cavity gets filled. Mind you it *did* hurt a bit, but I felt like such a baby by this point that I decided not to say anything.

I thank Mr. Dentist and am on my way... out in the parking lot... into my car... start driving back to work... then it hits me!

My mouth is NUMB... my tongue is NUMB... my cheek is numb, my neck is numb, and I'm pretty sure my left ear's not feeling quite right. Help! I feel like my face is actually going to fall off! In retrospect, maybe that second shot was not the best of all possible ideas. I start laughing, and my mouth feels absolutely ridiculous, so I laugh more, and then I start drooling and, well, it wasn't pretty. HELP!

So I'm back at work now, trying to eat the oh-so-yummy turkey and avocado sandwich that I made this morning, (not that I can taste it with all the numbness, but it smells really yummy) and people are looking at me like a have down syndrome. :( Ahrhghgahgh. (<- What I sound like when I talk) Sheesh! Next time I am sooo going the laughing gas route.

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