Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Well it's official... today is the first day of Summer... the longest day of the year. Spring is officially over, and the days are officially getting shorter (thanks for pointing that out, Mr. Cup is Half Empty, Kyle!). Sigh.
If were 10 (oh, to be 10 again!) I'd be gearing up for summer camp and pool parties... at 15, I'd be horse back riding by day, partying my brains out by night ... at 20, I'd be trying to cram as many shopping days, beach days, concerts, and frat parties into one Berkeley summer as possible... at almost 25, well, it's the first day of summer and I'm already exhausted. I think I've spent the last 24 summers having too much fun. I'm done, spent... I've met my quota... I'd like a nap now. I find myself counting down the days till August when I can just relax and do nothing. (In standard Courtney fashion, I've booked myself solid with fantastic things to do till then... ugh.) Oh no, am I getting old?!?