Thursday, July 17, 2008

Invitation Creation Station

The hour is nigh. Invitations go out NEXT WEEK! Gah! I'm having heart palpitations just thinking about it. This weekend will be our big push to get them done. Much printing and pasting will ensure, and I fully expect 40 paper cuts by Monday.

I started working on them a few days ago at my "Invitation Creation Station" (also known as my coffee table)... so far it's been fun, but seeing as how I have like eleventy-million to make I'm thinking the "Weee, this is fun!" will wane and the "Damn it, I'm just gonna send an evite!!" will take over soon enough.

Hey look, pictures!!

Making our invitations!
Hard at work

Yay Invitations!

Invitation stuff
My supplies

Kyle eating payea in my invitation making area
Kyle - eating dinner on my Invitation Creation Station!!

Also happening this weekend: My mom is coming into town for a Feist concert at the Greek in Berkeley. I know!!! When did my mom become so hip??

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