Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Wonder If I Could Get Him To Eat A Worm?

Growing up, I had two older brothers and a little sister to play with, harass, and be harassed by. It was wonderful. I thought I had it all. That is, until I recently discovered the joys of having a little brother.

I spent last weekend in Michigan for Kyle's sister's wedding (#4 out of 10 for the year!) Kyle's brother, Kelsey, was obviously there too. He lives in SF and we hang out all the time... so usually I just consider him a peer and forget that he is younger than me. Out to dinner one night in Michigan, I caught a glimpse of what it might have been like to grow up with a little brother.

The waiter brought bread to table accompanied by a rather large bowl of whipped butter. (It's the Midwest - everything is bigger there.) Kelsey's girlfriend, Emily, jokingly offered to pay him a dollar to eat the entire bowl of butter.

Kelsey: Gross, no.

Emily: What about two dollars?

Kelsey: No! It's a bowl of butter, that's disgusting.

Me: (butting in) What about *FIVE* whole dollars?

Kelsey: (long pause while he thought it over) Ok.


Kelsey: Do you have five dollars?

Me: ... yes.

Kelsey: Ok!

And with that he picked up a fork and began to eat a bowl full of whipped herb butter. Yuck!

Fearing for his arteries, I offered him two dollars to stop eating it. But he wouldn't take it. I asked how he felt, he said, "well lubricated".


He also said it got more disgusting with every bite. In total, it probably took him 7 or 8 bites to finish it all. I told him he had to lick the fork when he was done too, to make sure he got it all. He told me I was evil.

Turns out I only had $4 on me. I didn't actually think Kelsey would eat the whole bowl! (My little sister certainly wouldn't have!!) So I had to borrow money from Kyle. He's had more practice at this whole "having a little brother" thing. He knows better than to make disgusting food related wagers.

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