Monday, June 06, 2005

Oh My Achin' Back

Woo-Hoo! Survived my 3rd annual SAMPC rafting trip. (Note, due to the stupid RE-ORG at work, it is techniclly also the LAST SAMPC rafting trip... next year it'll have to be the PTS&M rafting trip... hmmm just doesn't have the same ring to it) :(

We had the brilliant idea of turning 3 small rafts into one large party barge - as a result, I now have the biggest, darkest, most heinous buise on my lower back/ass. It's so ugly! (Tying our boats together seemed like SUCH a good idea at the time...) Although, after being launched 3 or 4 feet in the air over a rapid I guess I'm lucky I didn't end up with more injuries - A big thanks to Isaac Clemens for trying to "save" me by holding onto my arm as I was pummeled by rocks under his raft... for the love of all that is good and holy, LET GO!

You know what... just once I'd like to wake up on a Monday and *not* be in excurciating pain from some idiotic thing I did over the weekend. Sheesh, when will I ever learn? On the up side, I did manage to not gorge myself at dinner Saturday night. Every year I fill up on appetizers, and then proceed to keep filling up to point of wanting to explode at dinner. (Gross, no?) Well, not this year... I was sooo good. I took a nap through dinner! Got in some quality snuggle time with Mr. Dave, caught up on some much needed sleep, and didn't eat three times my body weight in steak, chicken, and baked potatoes! Go me. All and all, it was a good trip... tons of drunken debauchery, some minor girl on girl action, a few scandalous rumors, some seriously innappropriate story sharing, and the oogling of couple 14 year old chicks... just another day in the Product Center, no?

Anyway, pictures to follow - I took two whole roles of film! (Yes, I still use rolls of film... I'm old school/lame like that with my throw away cameras.)