Tuesday, June 07, 2005

This Is Why I Love My Friends!

I have the funniest friends ever! The following is from my friend AJ's blog-type-thing... (Yes AJ's an engineer)

How Big Is A Google?

Dan, Britt, Laura, and I started trying to figure out how big a google is. A googol is "1" with a hundred "0"s. That is a lot. What's there a googol of on earth? Ants? Grains of sand? Dan said nothing; said there aren't even a googol atoms on earth. The rest of us politely disagreed. Not a googol on all of Earth!? A mole is 6.02x10^23 molecules, and a mole of salt is nothing. Surely a googol atoms exist on Earth. After much googling, Dan found that there are only 4x10^79 hydrogen atoms in the UNIVERSE. And hydrogen is 90% of the universe. So we lost. There are a googol of nothing on Earth.

But that is almost a googol hydrogen atoms...right? We next considered the parts of the atom. There are about 10^9 photons and neutrinos for each hydrogen atom, more googling tells us. That gets us to 10^88 photons, neutrinos, and hydrogen atoms. Sounds close, but it's not. We still need one trillion universes to get a googol of those atom parts!!! DAMN! That order of magnitude stuff really messes you up. No wonder they invented log-log paper.

Next we got a little abstract and counted time. How many nano seconds since the beginning of the universe? 10^9 nanoseconds per second * 10^2 seconds per minute * 10^2 minutes per hour * 10^1 hours per day * 10^3 days per year * 10^10 years since the creation of the universe = 10^27 nanoseconds. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! And that is overestimating. Then, the geniuses we are, we figured it out. There are a googol one-googoliths of a second in one second. In the time you read this, about 45 googol googoliths of a second went by. You can read our paper in the next issue of the journal Nature.

What will they think of next! :)

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