Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Spring: 1; Me: 0

Ok, so score one for Spring. This temptress of a season kicked my butt this weekend. I wanted to play in the sun - I got a raging sunburn. I wanted to run, childlike, through a park - I got lost and totally separated from my friends. I wanted to wake up to something other than my alarm clock - try waking up to a volcano full of liquor. (Oh ya, 8 am is a GREAT time to start drinking.) I couldn't stand my cubicle (well I still can't) but sitting in a comfy chair all day sure beats the 10 or so miles I walked on Sunday.

Ugh - Bay to Breakers was an absolutely OUT OF CONTROLL day. The floats, the costumes, the naked men, the absolute mayhem - did I mention the volcano full of liquor!!?? Craziness. But I think good times were had by all.

We decided to go Hawaiian style - complete with giant, paper mache, liquor-dispensing, volcano and tiki torches... yes they were lit, yes I managed to survive the day without catching my hair on fire, but just barely. We started at a quarter to 8 and boarded the 19 bus fully decked out in Hawaiian garb, carrying 2 five gallon buckets of jungle juice that would later become our "Hot Molten Magma". Apparently our fellow bus riders didn't get the Hawaiian theme memo... Quote from Christine - "Hey look, those people are dressed as runners!" :) We then got off the bus and were on our way... Unfortunately, pushing a paper mache volcano down the streets of SF is not quite the speedy endeavor we hoped it would be... the guy from Kenya finished the race before we even got our lazy butts to the start line... Quote from Linden "Well, I came to win, we may as well go home now." :) We convinced him to stay and started the race. It was long, it was grueling, it was a blast !!! The vibe was amazing, everyone was in a great mood, the floats were spectacular, all and all an awesome experience. I've never peed in a parking garage, a park, and a stranger's house without permission (twice) all in one day. My only downfall (except for the mass quantities of Magma I consumed) was playing all day in the sun wearing nothing but a bathing suit and a grass skirt and no sun screen... what WAS I thinking???

My friend, AJ, made up a casualty list... I think it helps shed light on the ridiculousness of it all.

Lost: Red Nalgene. Status: Still missing. Anyone happen to end up with it?
Lost: A.J.'s phone. Status: Returned, but destroyed. How kind of them to get it back to me though.
Lost: Kilauea. Status: Last seen as a pile of newspaper after a crash in the Park. Naked chicken wire in Luke's trunk.
Lost: Palm tree. Status: Deflated by random bite. Left in cart on the Panhandle.
Lost: Three tiki torches Status: Tiki torches are flammable. Grass skirts are not.
Lost: Laura. Status: Ditched while peeing. No phone, no money. Found way back to Dave Zazoni's. Kerylyn made her a sandwich, which was better than Dom's sandwich.
Lost: Courtney. Status: Went all the way to the ocean. The rest of us stopped at mile 5. Walked back to Noe Valley from the Ocean. That is far. Massive sunburns.
Lost: Rachel. Status: Still unknown.
Lost: Luke's car. Status: Drove home without Luke. He was busy chatting with random ladies. He made new friends on the bus.
Lost: Luke's phone. Status: Had it in my pocket the whole time.
Lost: Christine's lunch Status: In the bushes somewhere.

*Sigh* What a day! I can't believe I have to wait a whole year to do it again. Pictures to follow...

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