Monday, May 23, 2005

100 Things About Me

  1. I’m 5'7” tall.
  2. I stopped growing around age 14 and cried, because I knew I would never be tall enough to be a super model. (Ha! Don't you love that I assumed that I otherwise had all the necessary super model requirements!?)
  3. I look/think/talk like my mom.
  4. I love that.
  5. I’m getting my Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanfurd.
  6. I spell Stanfurd with a "u" because that’s what people from Cal do to offend people from Stanfurd. I’ve never understood why.
  7. I hate when I have to clarify that Cal = UC Berkeley.
  8. My feet are my favorite part of my body.
  9. I have a love/hate relationship with my boobs.
  10. I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, in Los Angeles, California.
  11. I say “like” and “ya know” a lot. I can’t help it.
  12. I grew up riding horses and playing tennis and piano.
  13. I love how snobby that sounds.
  14. In fact, my family was really poor – but most of my friends never knew.
  15. Very few people have ever seen my house in LA.
  16. My dad still lives there - I don't visit him enough.
  17. My first kiss was with a boy named Todd. We were 11. It was gross.
  18. I am physically weaker than I look.
  19. I do not look strong.
  20. I am smarter than I look.
  21. When I have kids, I intend to be a stay at home mom.
  22. I will not home school my children.
  23. I *love* presenting information in list form.
  24. I have no sense of direction. None. Thank goodness for MapQuest.
  25. I like Diet Pepsi, but can’t stand Diet Coke.
  26. I am still best friends with a girl I met in kindergarten.
  27. My mom and her mom are best friends.
  28. My sister and her sister are best friends.
  29. I have more than one best friend.
  30. I can’t wait for them to be my bridesmaids one day.
  31. My sister is my favorite person in the whole world.
  32. I traveled in Europe for 6 weeks after I graduated from Cal.
  33. I was ready to come home by the end.
  34. I learned that the planet is very small. And that, really, people everywhere are pretty much the same.
  35. For some reason, this seemed really profound to me at the time.
  36. I was in a wicked car accident my senior year of high school.
  37. I missed a month of school.
  38. It sucked – but now I have a cool scar and a great story to tell.
  39. I love having a great story to tell.
  40. I’ll do just about anything if it means I’m going to end up with a great story to tell.
  41. I always talk with my hands.
  42. I’m addicted to meeting new people.
  43. I’ve been drinking beer since I was two.
  44. I love beer.
  45. I’m German, go figure.
  46. I love running amok and being ridiculous.
  47. I have a secret desire to be a go-go dancer.
  48. I think I’d be good at it.
  49. My favorite color is green.
  50. I believe in miracles and fate.
  51. I am totally insecure about my clothing.
  52. I am very comfortable naked.
  53. I can’t spell.
  54. I love college football.
  55. I love frat boys.
  56. I was never in a sorority.
  57. My favorite time of day is dusk.
  58. I was raised without religion, but I believe in God.
  59. My mom is the wisest person I know.
  60. She is also a great cook.
  61. I am a terrible cook. I don’t why – all you have to do is follow the directions!
  62. I am a perfectionist.
  63. Babies always smile when they see me.
  64. I think that’s the coolest thing ever.
  65. My biological clock is ticking, but my brain’s not done being a little kid yet.
  66. It’s very confusing.
  67. I want to have my cake and eat it too.
  68. I know that that’s impossible.
  69. I HATE grilled onions.
  70. I love all other food.
  71. I like to shop alone.
  72. I hate talking on the phone.
  73. I love talking in person.
  74. I love my two cats and honestly believe that they are the cutest creatures on the planet.
  75. I think everyone should have a pet.
  76. I’m a very slow reader.
  77. I have an excellent memory.
  78. I work in the aerospace industry.
  79. I have never wanted to be an astronaut.
  80. My favorite age was age 5.
  81. My second favorite age was 15.
  82. My parents got divorced when I was in college.
  83. My dad has been married and divorced three times.
  84. My mom has been married three times too, but the first one didn’t count.
  85. I want to marry my soul mate.
  86. I hate scary movies and refuse to watch them.
  87. I love being outside.
  88. I hate feeling like I’ve missed out on something.
  89. I have no hand-eye coordination.
  90. I can’t stand the sound of a person breathing, even my own breathing.
  91. I think it’s ok to be selfish sometimes.
  92. When I’m crying, a glass of water helps calm me down.
  93. My dad is the best at calming me down.
  94. Political conversations make me uncomfortable.
  95. I am constantly dirty, like a little kid. It’s so annoying.
  96. My sister is really considerate.
  97. I wish I was more considerate.
  98. I am very passionate.
  99. Forth of July is my favorite holiday – I live for fireworks and the smell of fresh cut grass and BBQs.
  100. I love my middle name, Aline, pronounced "AL-EEN". It means happy.

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