Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Does This Kind Of Stuff Happen To Anyone But Me

I got up late this morning.

I had specifically set my alarm for 8:15 am even though I didn't have to be at work till 2 pm (I'm working the 2 pm - 10 pm shift this week). We got a note from our apartment complex people a few days ago saying they'd be turning the water off sometime between 9 and 3 today and I wanted to make sure I had a chance to shower before the water went bye-bye.

But I got up late. Just a little late. 9:15 to be exact.

Certainly they wouldn't turn the water off *right at* 9. They probably wouldn't turn it off till like 10 or something, right? I went into the bathroom to check. Sure enough, when I turned the shower on, the water happily flowed. It was warm and had good pressure. YAY! I thought to myself. I'll just take a REALLY quick shower before they turn the water off.

Well, no sooner than the moment shampoo started dripping into my eyes did the water abruptly shut off. Enter panic. I scrambled, blind, to the sink. Nothing. As I stood there, naked, soaking wet, with my eyes on fire, trying to figure out what to do, it came it me. THIS was a desperate time. And desperate times call for desperate measures.

(I cannot believe I'm about to post this on the internet...)

I took a deep breath and then stuck my head in the (just cleaned yesterday!) toilet.

(I cannot believe I just posted that on the internet...)

They always say that, in an emergency, toilet water should be used. And this was definitely an emergency. And the toilet water definietly fixed the problem. But still, I felt pretty dirty. I mean, I just gave myself a swirley. On purpose.

Immediate crisis taken care of, there was still the need for a shower. Now so more than ever. I had two options... 1. break into my friends house across the street - doable but sketchy - or 2. throw on a bathing suit and shower in the shower by the swimming pool in our complex. Option 2 it was.

I packed a little bag with soap and shampoo and other shower stuff, put on a bathing suit and flip flops, grabbed a fresh towel (because my old towel was covered in toilet water - which NOW seemed gross) and headed off for the pool area to shower.

The thing that I had totally forgotten about the pool shower was that it was outdoors and COMPLETELY exposed. Just a shower head protruding from the wall right in the middle of the complex. No privacy whatsoever. So there I am, full on showering, obviously not just rinsing off after a quick swim... surrounded by random people. They were walking their dogs, getting their mail, going into and out of the main office. The maintenance guy even nodded hello. Don't mind me, I thought, I'm just exfoliating in public. So embarrassing.

I returned to my apartment, a bright shade of self-conscious crimson, to find my roommate sitting on the couch downstairs. When asked where on earth I was returning from, I explained to him about the water being turned off and my desperate need for a shower. I think I left the toilet part out, though.

He gave me a strange look and pointed out the fact that the dishwasher seemed to be running just fine.


We checked all the sinks too. All fine. All had plenty of running water.

Seems I had managed to (attempt to) shower in exactly the tiny window of time that the water had actually been turned off.

Why oh why didn't I just snooze for like 15 more minutes?

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