Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hooray For No Rain

We arived Friday night and while the ground was certainly soggy and the air was VERY nippy, the sky had indeed cleared up and the rain had stopped. Thank goodness for small miracles. Saturday was beautiful even though it was a little windy. We made breakfast and then left for the river where we played all day. Sunday, the weather was PERFECTION. Too bad we had to pack up and headhome. All and all a great weekend!

I'm feeling lazy, so I'll let pictures tell the story.

SOOOOO much wood
Absurd amount of fire wood at the beginning of the trip - compliments of Dave.


The little Korean that Could
Don't mess with Lucia.

Yay Camping
Everyone around the fire Saturday morning.

On our way to the River
On our way to the River.

Gina across the River.

Isaac Fords Christine across the River
Christine across the River.

Christine's purse across the River.



Linden, me, Emily, and Lucia.

I love feet pictures

Pretty Emily
Pretty Emily

Pretty Kyle?

Chillin on a rock

Four.  Four people fit in this trunk
Back at camp - trying to figure out how many people fit in the Trunk of Lucia's new car. The answer is four. Five if we were dead.

So much wood left over at the end
Wood left at the end of the trip. The next campers are gonna be mighty happy to see this - especially considering wood is $7 a bundle at the campground!!

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