Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Halo-Scan... Where Are You?

While in Boston this past weekend, p.s. I was in Boston this past weekend... play-by-play for those with inquiring minds to follow, I, lost my cell phone, yes (kill me), but, also, had the privilege of surfing the net on Kyle's little sister's snazzy little Mac computer. And you know what? When I surfed on over to my blog THE COMMENTS LINK WAS MISSING!!!!


Miss Hola Isabel had mentioned something about not being able to comment on my blog last week. I was, of course, distraught at the thought of losing a potential comment, but I thought it was an isolated event.

Apparently it is not!


How many other thousands of would-be commentors are there out there - WANTING to comment, but unable to?


Can YOU see my halo-scan comment link? Is it a Mac thing???
Someone please help!