Monday, April 30, 2007

I Need More Weekends In My Life

With 5 weddings, 3 graduations, and a baby (no, not mine! My nephew, remember?) on the calendar, the next few months promise to be busy busy busy. So this past weekend Kyle and I laid low.

Fridays have become our "Stay-In-And-Be-Anti-Social" night. We tend to cook dinner, cuddle on the couch, do homework, read magazine articles to each other, and banter back and forth with what amounts to "I love you more, no I love YOU more, No I Love YOOOOU more" dialog. It's a total gag-fest to the casual outside observer, but I have been reveling in every second of it. When did I become such a sappy homebody?

Saturday I went to a girlfriend's wedding shower where we drank wine, played silly shower games, and ooo-ed and ahhh-ed over her new Vera Wang china. So girly and fun. Saturday night, Kyle and I went to some other friends' house for a BBQ where I made the yummiest (and easiest) salad* and Kyle whipped up some AWESOME burgers. We stayed till midnight catching up with everyone, drinking beers, and stuffing our faces with strawberry shortcake. Perfection.

Sunday morning, after sleeping till way too late, we went out for brunch and then did the house hunting thing again. There are SO many houses to see in just the few neighborhoods we are considering. It is overwhelming and exhilaratingly all at once. We found the most amazing fixer-upper that I cannot stop thinking about. I want it sooooo bad. It's in the PERFECT location. And the facade is all old and Victorian and adorable, and it has a yard. And it's a two unit place so we could live in one unit and rent the other out for added income. The only problem? It's 1.36 million dollars. FOR A FIXER! And we're talking about needing to GUT the kitchens and bathrooms at a MINIMUM. We'd also like to tear down several of the interior walls AND re-level the floors. Does anyone have $1.5 million or so they'd like to lend me... indefinitely.


Still, I officially love the age I am currently at. Babies and weddings and house hunting - oh my! I always thought I would feel so "old" when I got here - as though I had somehow "peaked" - but everyday I discover just what an awesome stage in my life I am at. Yay. :)

*Awesome (easy) salad recipe:
Romaine lettuce
White corn - fresh is better, but canned will do and is WAY easier
Feta cheese
Blue corn tortilla chips (broken into smallish pieces)
Lite ranch dressing (b/c it tastes just as good as the regular stuff)
Lime juice and black pepper to taste

(Add the dressing just prior to serving or the chips will get mushy)


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