Thursday, May 31, 2007


You know, it is REALLY difficult to follow an "I stuck my head in the toilet" post. I mean, seriously, what tops that? Nothing! All posts from here on out will seem boring and dull by comparison. I apologize in advance.

Kyle and I went to Boston two weekends ago and had an AWESOME time. After nearly not being allowed to board our plane (because we checked in 41 minutes, instead of the requisite 45 minutes, prior to departure - hey it was 5:30 in the morning, I needed those extra 4 minutes of sleep!) we (me, Kyle, and my 800 lbs of luggage) managed to make it to Boston in one piece. Hooray! Unfortunately, I also managed to bring some seriously crappy weather with me – It poured almost the entire time we were there. Typical.

Kyle's sis picked us up from the airport and then gave us her car so we could get around town on our own. We decided Kyle should do the driving because I have a difficult enough time making my way around cities with street signs and roads that make sense. For the record: Hey Boston! Your streets make no sense! None of them are labeled, they change names every 8 feet, and I swear if I hear you’ve named one more of them Washington I’ll scream.

Anyway, our first night there we (me, Kyle, and two Boston friends) went to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, which was super fun – expect for the extreme cold. I actually applied for a credit card because they were giving away free blankets with every application. (Way to know your audience, credit card people.) Eventually we had to leave. Even our hard core east coast friends couldn’t handle the icy bite of the wind and we were all miserably hiding under my credit card blanket. We ended up at a bar across the street with cheaper beer, giant hi-def TVs (with views much better than what our bleacher seats provided), and all the cozy warmth we could handle. Duh! Why did we let ourselves freeze for 7 whole innings!?

Kyle and Me at Fenway!

At Fenway Park


It may look warm - but it wasn't.

Me and Kyle
In a warm bar after the game.

Speaking of hard core east coast friends – I need to take a quick moment to mock Kyle’s friend Andy, who is so east coast he hangs his collared shirts WITH THE COLLARS PROPPED.

The closet of an anal east coaster.

Way too funny! Hand this boy a pair of aviator sunglasses to wear indoors and he’ll be good to go! And did you notice how orderly his closet is?? His shirts are hung in color order*! Hee Hee! Needless to say we teased him. A lot.

Anyway… the second night, Kyle and I drove to Worcester (“Wosta”) to see my friends Mike and Andrea. The last time I was in Boston
it was for their wedding (aww). It rained that entire trip too (boo). Mike did not see this as a coincidence. I’ve been advised to alert the weather bureau prior to all future trips to Boston so they can plan accordingly for the impending storm. (Serves them right for their street sign ineptitude.) The four of us went out to dinner and then to a favorite local bar. Fun times!

Kyle Me Mike and Dre
End of the night - we all look sorta sleepy.

Saturday we were back in Boston. We did some sight seeing with Kyle’s fam during the day and then went out in Cambridge at night. (Yes, it was still raining.) We totally would have just stayed home watching old episodes of The Office, but noooooooo Kyle's younger brother had to go and make us feel old and lame for wanting to stay in on a Saturday night - so we caved and went out. We got home around 2 am... and *then* watched old episodes of The Office. Because that show just rocks and I NEVER have time for TV.

Sunday was Kyle’s Grandpa’s 80th birthday. (!!!) We took a duck boat tour (which was actually a lot of fun and a pretty great way to see Boston in the pouring rain), did some more sightseeing, and then went out to a fancy schmancy dinner (complete with fabulous cake!) before going back to the hotel to have drinks in the hotel bar. I hope on my 80th birthday I'm surrounded by as much good food and as many loved ones.

Monday, we woke up early and set out for Boston College to watch Kyle’s sis graduate with a Master Degree in Teaching. (Congrats Erica!!!) It finally finally FINALLY stopped raining and actually turned out to be a glorious day. Thank goodness! Afterwards the whole family went out for Thai food (I swear all we did was eat this trip!) and then Kyle took off for Ohio for a work thing. And then, yes, I was left in Boston ALONE.

Ok, I wasn’t actually alone – I was with Kyle’s sis, which turned out to be a blast. Prior to this though, she and I hadn’t spent much time together and then BAM! There we were, alone together in Boston. Per usual, I was nervous, but (of course) it turned out ok. We went to Quincy Market and shopped in all the touristy stores and then we went back to her place and had a lazy night of chatting, ordering pizza, and watching TV – so nice after a busy weekend!

Bright and early Tuesday morning – actually it was 4:30 am, so Dark and early Tuesday morning I headed for the airport to be back in SF by 10 am. From the airport I went straight to work. Booo. But at least I had an awesome weekend to look back on. :)

Kyle with Umbrella

Kyle with an Unbrella - I heart this picture.

*I must admit that I, too, hang my clothes in color order - and I oganize them by long sleeve, short sleeve, and tank top... but I'm a GIRL. We're allowed to do things like that!
I was actually going to write about this past weekend as well – but, darn it, I’m just too lazy. So you’ll have to be content with just Boston for now. I’ll catch up eventually, I swear.

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