Monday, March 20, 2006

My Weekend

This weekend Kyle, his brother Kelsey, his friend Nihar – visiting from New York, his cat Yertle, and I all got cozy in Kyle’s tiny apartment in SF. (Basically the boy lives in a basement.) It was so cramped that we literally had to spend every day/evening out and about…

Thursday night, we headed over to the East Bay to my old stomping grounds… Berkeley!!! YAY. Was so amazingly wonderful to be back. I seriously do not spend enough time in that town. We went to the restaurant where I worked in college… and they TOTALLY remembered me! Free appetizers, free champagne, free dessert… and the food was amazing. Just as fantastic as I remember it! I was so happy to be able to show everyone a good time. (And Sara, you know we got the tiramisu!!!)

Friday afternoon, we had high high hopes of getting down with our bad-ass, green-wearing, selves. (I’m part Scotts-Irish, for crying out loud!) But those hopes were dashed… we started out strong. Maybe a bit too strong… as in a few rounds of Irish car bombs and not much dinner strong. Hmmmm. By 7pm we were trashed. By 10:30 we left the bar. And by 11:45 we were sound asleep in bed, bellies filled with drunkenly consumed Mexican food.

On the upside, going to bed so early helped us get up on time for wine tasting on Saturday. We spent the day in Healdsburg in Sonoma County and visited 5 wineries. Per usual, Kyle and I bought way too many bottles of fabulous wine that we neither need nor can afford. Oh well. The weather was unbelievable and everyone had a good time. We got home around 8pm, called our friend Christine, had a chilly dinner on the roof deck of one of our favorite bars (in the future, we might want to save this place for warmer weather) and then went home and went to bed.

Nihar left first thing Sunday morning, and Kyle, Kelsey, and I continued our Sunday morning ritual of sleeping late and then going out for a leisurely brunch.

It is so nice to be done with school for the quarter!!

Oh! And today is the first day of spring. HAPPY SPRING!!!

*Hums merrily to herself as she reminisces about the fabulous weekend and gets excited for springtime frolicking*