Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Still Going...

Yeah, about that "It'll all be over at 5 o'clock" thing. My professor is a LIAR!!!

We have a freakin' EXTENSION!!!!

An Extension!!!??? NO! I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!! I don't care about the robot. I don't care about the grade. I really just want to go to bed.


I am finishing up my 40th straight hour of being awake. (Yes, FORTY! hours straight.) Mind you, this 40 hour no-sleep marathon was started after only getting 4 hours of sleep on Sunday (I think it was Sunday) night.

HELLO! It's Wednesday!!! Why am I still awake? Why am I still at Stanfurd? Why do I not yet have a decently functioning robot???

Days mean NOTHING to me anymore. Daytime, nighttime... it all looks the same in the lab. Shoot me. I am not well...