Thursday, March 16, 2006

An Update

It occurred to me today that I never updated the internet world about the condition of my friend Christine. How rude of me! And after so many thoughtful prayers and good wishes from all of you.

*Sorry Everyone*

Well, on the upside, no news is good news.

As far as the doctors can tell, Christine is going to make a complete recovery. COMPLETE RECOVERY!!! Is that the most fantastic thing you've ever heard?

She spent several days in the ICU with (don't read if you're squeamish) a tube in her head to drain the blood/fluid from her brain. Christine, back to her comical self, has been referring to it as a "beer tap". (yum... brain beer.) After the ICU, they put her in a special post neurosurgery recovery room for a few days. And then, FINALLY, she got to go home - in one fantastic, going to make a complete recovery, piece. :)

In total, she spent ten days in the hospital. Yuck.

Her parents both flew out from the east coast the night everything happened. Her mom is still in town, helping her get settled - Christine was in the middle of moving when the aneurysm burst. (When it rains it pours, right?)

Anyway, she is living in San Francisco now... soaking up the good life in the best city on earth. Well mostly she's just resting a lot, but still.

She's taking at least a month off from work... and is currently working on growing out the excellent bald spot she's sporting from the surgery. :) She actually looks very cute with it - I'm working on convincing her to keep it.

So Christine is alive and well and happy and healthy and her friends and family could not be more relieved. We are all truly blessed.

Thanks again for all of the warm wishes and prayers! I know they helped.