Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Love / Hate

Things I hate

  1. Girls who claim to “not get along with other girls”
  2. People who drive slow in the fast lane – IT’S THE FAST LANE!!! Get out of my way!
  3. Bitter single people – NOT to be confused with happy well-adjusted single people
  4. Not being dressed appropriately
  5. People who hate trendy things just because they are trendy
  6. The sound of someone breathing while I’m trying to sleep – but I still love you, Kyle
  7. Things I can’t fix or make better
  8. High maintenance friends
  9. Judgey Von-Holier-Than-Thous
  10. The movie The Family Stone – You cannot just swap significant others with your sibling
  11. Slimy guys at bars who try to worm their way into your dance circle
  12. Grilled onions
  13. Hating grilled onions – I’ve heard such good things about them
  14. My hair
  15. People who hate country music without ever having really given it a chance
  16. Pulling an all-nighter and having my project STILL not work
  17. People who make the your/you’re or their/there/they’re mistake
  18. My atrocious spelling
  19. People who are way too cool
  20. Litterbugs
  21. Black shoes with a brown purse
  22. The perfect comeback… 24 hours too late
  23. Not living in the same city as my sister
  24. The fact that two of my best friends live across the freakin country
  25. Credit card debt
  26. Student loan debt
  27. My general all around poorness
  28. Sleeping the day away – such a waste
  29. Reality TV
  30. Picky eaters
  31. The fact that I can’t sing… at all
  32. My penchant for expensive jeans
  33. Seeing friends in crappy relationships
  34. Starbucks’ drip coffee
  35. Having to make a really big decision
  36. People who have 80 zillion myspace friends
  37. Warm bed / cold room on a Monday morning
  38. Missing out on things
  39. Putting away my laundry
  40. People who read my blog but NEVER leave comments – This means YOU!
  41. Waiting in line to get in to an empty bar
  42. SPAM
  43. Having to pee at 4:30 in the morning
  44. Drama
  45. How I ALWAYS seem to buy shoes in the wrong size – I literally have 2 pairs of most of my shoesbecause I bought the first pair a size too big or small… wore them… couldn’t return them...still had to have them… and ended up buying them AGAIN in the correct size
  46. Schools with no school spirit – ahem, Stanfurd
  47. How fantastic pizza sounds at 3am
  48. People who chew with their mouth open
  49. Working and going to school at the same time
  50. Men who can’t chop firewood – ick
  51. Crumbs on a freshly cleaned counter
  52. Dealing with kitty litter
  53. Poorly constructed homes/townhouses/condos/apartments
  54. Negotiating
  55. Confrontation
  56. The bass player of Nada Surf – the dude just bugs me
  57. People who hate Halloween
  58. Visible butt crack because your (or my) pants are too low
  59. My recent lack of motivation at work
  60. Grudge holders
  61. Pedestrians who cross the street without looking both ways first – I will hit you!
  62. Head colds
  63. Un-popped zits
  64. Morning breath
  65. Hangovers
  66. One-uppers
  67. People who speak reeeeeaaaly slowly
  68. Woe-is-me-ers
  69. Micromanagers
  70. Office buzz words
  71. Evil companies
  72. Moving
  73. Committing to plans
  74. People who don’t use online banking – why????
  75. Professors who think that their class is the only thing that I have going on in my life
  76. Sunburns
  77. Getting lost when I’m already late
  78. Not finding parking
  79. Bicyclists who don’t abide by traffic laws
  80. Smokers
  81. Most tattoos
  82. Scary movies
  83. Unbecoming photographs
  84. Uncomfortable shoes
  85. Deciding what to eat – I always want it all
  86. Shaving
  87. Smeary mascara
  88. Rain when I just blow-dried my hair
  89. Spiders in my room/closet/car
  90. The fact that I can’t kill said spider, and therefore have to catch it in a cup and relocate it to the outside world, even if I’m running really late
  91. Misplacing $20 (a.k.a. probably dropping $20 in the parking lot, and never seeing it again)
  92. Food in my teeth
  93. Being grouchy for no apparent reason
  94. Useless office meetings
  95. Jealously
  96. People who never move on
  97. Pushovers
  98. Lingering coughs
  99. Really firm pillows
  100. ME218

Things I love

  1. My V6 engine
  2. Summer
  3. Sushi
  4. Waking up feeling totally refreshed
  5. Happy well-adjusted single people
  6. Happy people in general
  7. Wearing the PERFECT outfit for the occasion
  8. When one of my cats sniffs my face in the morning to see if I’m awake yet
  9. A nice walk after a delicious meal
  10. Waking up to a beautiful San Francisco morning and having the whole day ahead of me to play
  11. Roof decks
  12. Trying new food
  13. My new love of mushrooms
  14. Playing in water – lakes, pools, streams, the ocean
  15. Being outdoors
  16. Stalking people on myspace
  17. People who blog
  18. My feet
  19. Dancing, dancing, and then dancing some more
  20. A great bottle of Red Zin
  21. How wise my mom is
  22. Live music at the Fillmore
  23. Designing circuits/ writing software / building hardware that actually does what it’s supposed to do!
  24. Automatic spell check
  25. Heavy machinery
  26. Books that make me cry
  27. Cooking the perfect meal
  28. The fact that I’m “at that age” when my friends are starting to get married
  29. Weddings
  30. New makeup
  31. New shoes
  32. Expensive jeans
  33. People with great vocabularies
  34. Pirate stores
  35. Digital pictures
  36. Seeing people in fantastic relationships
  37. Finding the perfect Christmas tree
  38. Decorations
  39. The freckles on my nose that come out when I’m in the sunshine
  40. Changing my own oil
  41. Really good tiramisu
  42. A freshly cleaned house
  43. Giving the perfect gift
  44. College football – Go bears!
  45. My annual Girls Trip to someplace fabulous
  46. Los Angeles’ warm Santa Anna winds on a summer night
  47. Blustery days
  48. The word blustery
  49. The sound rain make as it hits your roof in the middle of the night
  50. Nuzzling up to my boyfriend’s neck
  51. The Bloomingdales after Christmas sale
  52. Huggers
  53. Singing (terribly) at the top of my lungs while driving
  54. IM
  55. Witty banter
  56. Flirting
  57. Going for it on 4th and 1
  58. Eating a hearty breakfast in the woods
  59. Men with tools
  60. Fireworks
  61. The smell of fresh cut grass
  62. Finding out something is on sale when you get to the register, after you’ve already decided to buy it – Score!
  63. Running errands – call me crazy
  64. Grocery shopping
  65. Forehead kisses
  66. Office chair soccer
  67. Cinnamon toast
  68. Themed parties
  69. Black and White cookies
  70. Dremel™-ing things
  71. My cordless power drill
  72. Duct tape
  73. German Beer
  74. Vacuuming
  75. Twilight
  76. Bonfires
  77. People who invent words
  78. Nicknames
  79. Open houses
  80. Companies that aren’t evil
  81. Being spontaneous
  82. Post workout euphoria
  83. Summer fruit
  84. Doodling instead of taking notes
  85. Shopping in Los Angeles
  86. Shopping in general
  87. Tradition
  88. The convenience of the suburbs
  89. The excitement of a big city
  90. Drunk text messages
  91. Fabulous earrings
  92. Being silly
  93. Hanging out with family, future family, family-in-law, pseudo-family, step-family, and friends that are like family
  94. Raspberry Royale hot tea
  95. Clean sheets
  96. Late night pillow talk
  97. Being in on a secret
  98. Winning
  99. My new haircut (see below) - eeeeeee!
  100. ME218

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