Saturday, March 19, 2011


Kyle has been dying to "torpedo" Barrett pretty much since the day he was born. (I think he's looking for some sort of cosmic revenge or something for his parents "torpedo-ing" HIM when he was just a wee little baby.) What is torpedo-ing you ask? Well, it's when one parent takes the baby in the pool, yells "Torpedo!!!", dunks the child, and then fires him at the other parent like an underwater torpedo. I have to be honest... this sounds like borderline child abuse to me. But Kyle's parents are generally great people, and Kyle doesn't seem to have suffered much for all his being torpedoed, so I guess it's ok. I guess.

A friend of ours told us about a really nice, indoor pool not far from our house, so we decided to check it out today. We schlepped ourselves and B and all our crap over to the pool, parked, walked (in the rain) for 2 1/2 blocks, and then paid our $5 to enter the pool. It was supposed to be $11, but they only took cash, and they didn't have any change, so they let us in for $5. ($11 seemed a bit steep to me.... I was sorta glad we only had 5 singles on us) Anyway, we got B all dressed up in his swim diaper (which was just one of his regular pocket diapers without the insert - p.s. have I mentioned we use cloth diapers?? Remind me to write a post about them later. They rule!) ANYway - B got all swim-diapered up, and Kyle and I donned our bathing suits (and I added a tank top, because "the girls" are still WAY TOO big to be flaunted about in pulic (thankyouverymuch breastfeeding... ) and my belly is just plain yuck. So we got all ready and then we went out to the pool and we had SUCH high hopes of traumatizing, errrr, I mean torpedoing our dear son... and we got in the water. And... well. It was darn cold. :\ Too cold, really. B was NOT a fan. Cold water, lots of other (older) kids splashing about, people WHOOSHING into the pool on the waterslide. (p.s. I can't believe they have a waterslide!) Frankly, it was all a bit too much for him. He lasted about 2 minutes and then started crying. :( I actually didn't even realy get in the water. (Was too busy snapping pics.) We decided that maybe we had traumatized the B-man enough for one day, so we got out and got dressed again, and schlepped back home. Oh well. Torpedoing will have to wait.

When we got home we gave B a nice warm bath. He kicked and splashed and seemed to appreciate it a little bit extra. So there's that. :)

Ready to swim! (Good gracious, look at those chunky legs!!! Gah!)

"Nevermind! Get me out of here!!"

"Uhhhh, you're not going to send me down that slide, are you???"

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