Friday, November 12, 2010

12 Weeks

12 weeks ago, today, I was walking around town in an adult diaper wondering when labor would start. 12 weeks ago I waited, in eager anticipation, to meet my son. 12 weeks ago my life changed forever in the most wonderful way possible. :)

My (not so) little man is 12 weeks old today! And what is he doing to celebrate? Why, he's rocking his 6 month old jammies, of course.

In my (giant) baby's defense, his cloth diapers give him the fluffiest bottom ever - which, I'm pretty sure, take up at least a third of the jammies.

Other milestones this week include finding (and subsequently attempting to devour) his left hand:

And here he is giving mommy the "stop taking pictures and FEED me already" face:


Happy 12 weeks, B!!!