Wednesday, March 16, 2011

He Pooped!

He did it! He pooped! It took him three whole days, but he finally did it. And it looked like peanut butter. PEANUT BUTTER. Just like it's supposed to look when they start solid food. I've never been so proud. (Seriously. I almost took a picture of it. Thank goodness I didn't, right?)

This whole starting solids business is tough stuff. Really, this whole growing up business is tough. It's all happening so fast, and I feel like I'm not exactly keeping up. He changes and grows and learns SO MUCH everyday. Just when I feel like I've got a rhythm down, BAM everything changes.

Take for instance his car seat. Just when I finally got the hang of putting him in the thing, and then collecting my pump, my lunch, his bag, and my purse and then schlepping him and all that crap downstairs to car, he freakin outgrows his seat. :\ Now I have to carry him in my arms to the car to his convertible (read: non-removable) seat. In my ARMS! My bare arms!! He's all free now as I carry him down the street. Frankly, it makes both of us a little uncomfortable. What the eff!? Couldn't he have learned to walk before outgrowing the infant seat?

And solids. UGH. Do not get me started on solids. Can't he just be breastfed forever? I don't know what he likes, or how much to give him, or even how to give it to him. (Purees vs. baby led weaning, cereal vs. no cereal, homemade vs. store bought.) It's all very over-whelming. And the poop thing just about pushed me over the edge. Three days he went without pooping. :( My poor little guy. Why!? Why no poop??? I have to assume it was because of the solids. But which one??? And was it one in particular? Or just the fact that he's now processing food (any food) for the first time and it's just generally tough on him? Will I ever know? Or will it just forever be a mystery to me. Where are the answers???

He finally pooped today. Thank goodness. But then he refused his bottle all day with the nanny. And yesterday he only ate 5 oz with her. :( Today - fearing that he might starve to death, she decided to feed him bananas and cereal. On the one hand I'm very pleased she didn't let my baby starve to death... on the other hand, I missed his first experience with bananas. :( :( :( Apparently he loved them. This makes me equal parts elated and depressed. He loves bananas!! Yay! I missed him loving bananas. ::cries:: And ack! Bananas? What if they bind him up and he goes another 3 days without a bowel movement?? And how did I not know he liked bananas? What else does he like that I don't know about yet??? p.s. I learned today that his favorite song is happy birthday... here I thought it was skid-a-mer-rinky-dinky-dink :\ I'm his mother and I don't even know his favorite song. :(

I think the reason I was so excited to see the peanut butter poop (aside from being jazzed that my little guy got some relief finally) was that I was EXPECTING peanut butter poop. Like I said, it's what the poop is supposed to look like. I feel like we got some sort of "right answer" in the game of Life. I need more of those. More right answers. I feel like way too much of this whole parenting thing is just blindly throwing darts in the dark... and I'm not even sure if there's a target anywhere in the room.


But at least he pooped. I'll take that small victory.


In other sad news... B was supposed to help me pick my March Madness bracket tonight. I was looking forward to it all day. But he was tired and cranky so I put him to bed without having him help me :( I'm so sad I want to cry.