Monday, November 17, 2008

My Last "Off-Friday"

I need to amend my list of things I'll miss about my current job... in addition to my great co-workers (who p.s. took me out for a lovely lunch today and made me give a farewell speech (eep! I hate public speaking!!!)) and of course the free feminine products, I'll miss having every other Friday off.

Yep - in exchange for working 9 hours per day (as opposed to 8), we get every other Friday off here at Big & Evil Inc. It's quite nice. Totally worth it to stay an extra hour every day if it means you get a 3 day weekend at least twice a month.

Last Friday was my last "off-Friday". Kyle and I made sure to make good use of the day*. And what a glorious day it was - mostly sunny with a high of 77 F. Yeah November in California!!

First we slept in. Mmmmmmmmm... sleeping in. Then we met up with Kyle's brother, Kelsey, and headed to one of my favorite restaurant's in Cole Valley (a neighborhood in SF) for a leisurely outdoor brunch. Mmmmmmmmm... leisurely outdoor brunch. Then we went to Golden Gate Park to visit the new
California Academy of Sciences. Mmmmmmmmm... Sciences. It was AWESOME. As the advertisement goes, It's an aquarium, a planetarium, a natural history museum, and a 4-story rainforest... all under one living roof! And indeed it was! The aquarium was much bigger than I thought it would be, and they managed to integrate it with the rest of the building VERY well... it just sort of meandered though the other exhibits, so pretty much wherever you were, part of the aquarium was there too. Very cool. We saw a 3-D movie about bugs, took a ride through outer space in the planetarium, touched star fish and abalones, starred at the rather creepy looking albino alligator, and marveled at the truly awesome living roof. (It's covered in native California plants and wildflowers - quite stunning and functional!)

Me and Kyle checking out the Living Roof at the Cal Academy. The bumpy shape helps cool air flow down into the center of the building - keeping AC costs to a minimum.

Once the science museum closed, we wandered over to the
de Young Museum for their Friday night happy hour and live band - highly recommended if you're ever in the park on a Friday evening. We sipped pomegranate cocktails and people watched in the outdoor covered patio while the sun disappear behind the trees.

After happy hour, we headed home to re-heat some leftovers for dinner. For the record, I've never really been a fan of leftovers... but Kyle is showing me the error of my ways. :) And you know what - they're not half bad... as long as I don't have to eat the same thing two days in a row. Variety is the spice of life! No?

With our bellies full, we changed into some fancier threads, hopped on
BART and headed downtown to meet up with some friends at the Opera House, where we saw The Elixir of Love which is a sweet and, at times, quite silly opera. Yes yes, TWO museums AND an Opera all in one day - am I cultured or what!? :)

After the Opera, we walked to a snazzy bar in Hayes Valley where we chatted over wine and stinky cheese. A perfect end to our day.

So that's it, I guess. Now I'll have to work on Fridays. Ugh. The next time I want to go to the museum, I'll have to fight the weekend crowds, just like everyone else. No more Fridays filled with running errands or lazily lying around the apartment. No more heading up to Tahoe on a Thursday evening - totally avoiding the Friday rush. Sad. I reeeeeeally hope my new job is awesome enough to make up for it...

*Note: Kyle and I both work for same Big and Evil Corporation... so we both get every other Friday off... well... at least we USED TO both get every other Friday off... with my new job, I'll have to roll out of bed all my by lonesome while he slumbers away once every other week. Yuck. Those days are gonna suck.

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