Monday, November 10, 2008

Breaking News

*beep beep beep*

We interrupt these wedding related blog posts to bring you breaking news...

(And before anyone asks - No, I'm not pregnant. Sheesh, you get married and suddenly everyone thinks you're going to announce pregnancy anytime you clear your throat.)

Anyway, I had originally intended to get through all the wedding and honeymoon related blogging before I moved on to other topics, but seeing as how I've been married for forty some odd days now and STILL haven't finished my wedding re-cap and haven't even BEGUN to work on my honeymoon post, I think I'm gonna have break up the natural flow of things and post about some exciting news that I just can't keep in anymore.

I got a new job!!!


A new job IN San Francisco!!! A mere three miles from my house!!!!!!! (For those who don't know, I currently commute 43 miles EACH WAY every single day. It's awful)

The new job is with a start up. I don't know a ton of detail yet other than I'll be working as a mechanical engineer on light weight, highly efficient, portable power systems - mostly batteries and fuel cells. There are about a dozen people at the company. It's been around for 3 or 4 years*. I'm the only female engineer (typical) and, except for the CEO and the guy I'll be reporting to, I'm the oldest person at the company (WEIRD!!!) I am so nervous/excited/curious about the new job and my brain cannot wait to wrap itself around a whole new technology. It feels like the first day of school is approaching. I'm down right giddy. :D

*Yes, I realize that 4 years seems like a long time to be considered a "start-up"... but the technology involved has taken some time to get off the ground. They are launching their first product next year. To date, I believe most of their funding has come from angel investors. I'm not sure when exactly you go from being a start-up to just being a small company (maybe when you start making money?)... but I'm sure that's one of the zillion things I'll learn as I embark on this journey.

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