Friday, March 14, 2008

Mmmmmm Pi

Yes, everyone's favorite holiday is here again... Pi Day! (3.14)

Happy Pi Day!!!!

I know I've been a terrible blogger as of late... I have stories to tell, I do, I swear!!! I've picked wedding colors, and bridesmaid dresses. I've got stories of skiing, and wigs, and surgery. (oh my!) And then there's Kitchen Dream 2 that I've been meaning to share. And there are pictures! So many fun pictures to post!!! But I seem to have lost the cord for my camera, so they're currently trapped in my camera... but I swear, they're coming! Ugh. Things are a bit hectic right now... but they'll calm down after Monday, which by the way, is the day I take my very last final exam EVER for my Master's Degree!!! Woo-hoo! So please bear with me just a bit longer.

And in the mean time... Enjoy Pi Day!!

p.s. In 2015, Pi Day is going to be OFF THE HOOK!

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