Saturday, January 19, 2008

Can You Believe I'm STILL Not Done With My Paper??!!

I have officially grounded myself. My fiance and friends are all in Lake Tahoe right now... and I am sitting at home, alone, with no one but my cats and this damn paper to keep me occupied.

I HATE this paper.

And it's not even for school. It's for stupid work. And I don't even get paid to write it. I have to write it on my own time! FIFTEEN PAGES!!! Gah.....

I've actually considered quitting my job just so I don't have to write the thing. This is pathetic.

So I'm grounded. No leaving the house until the paper is finished!!! I PROMISED my boss it would be done by Monday... MUST FINISH PAPER!

But must first take a 5 minute break from my blogging moratorium... I miss my blog SOOOO MUCH!!!!!

(*Pouts and wishes her paper were finished*)

So, in other (less boring) news... The Dress!!! (*gasp*) Ummmm... I haven't found it yet. (Booo) But I'm getting closer... I can feel it. I have definitely gone from being SO EXCITED about trying stuff on to being SO OVER this whole process. I just want to be done already. All this shopping, and internet surfing, and magazine reading, and trying stuff on(ing) is so freakin time consuming!

I've started going to the bridal salons solo... because it's just a bit more efficient that way, and because I feel so bad about dragging my friends along, AGAIN, and because it's MUCH easier to convince the saleslady to let you take pictures when you are alone. "But... all of my girlfriends and family live FAR... I have NO ONE to shop with... PLEEEEEEEEASE let me take just one picture so I can at least send it to my mother." [Insert puppy dog eyes here] So yeah, it's been a lot of me in white puffy things all by my lonesome, lately.

I've also started perusing craigslist and ebay [insert panic here] to find my dress. I actually found something I might really like... only problem? It's in New York. Ugh. Luckily I have a bestest friend in New York!!! (YAY!) So, tomorrow, I'm sending her off to try on the dress for me. (Is that weird?) I've also sent her a list of 80 million questions to ask and things to look for. She thinks I'm a bit crazy, but loves me enough to play along. Her boyfriend has given her strict instructions to not get any ideas. :) The dress she is trying on can be found here. What do you think???

Speaking of getting your thoughts and opinions... Wanna see the dresses I've tried on so far??? (Well, at least the ones I've tried on and managed to get pics of...)

Click Here! Note: if you are Kyle... DO NOT CLICK THERE! Seriously.

These pics are set to private on Flickr... but by following that link, you'll have access to the private photos in my "The Search for the Dress" set. Enjoy!!!

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