Friday, December 14, 2007

California School System

I'm terrible at geography. Terrible. Like, I actually thought the body of water that Boston Harbor sits in was Lake Michigan. Yeah. The Boston Tea Party? Totally in a lake. And not even on the East side of the lake. No no... I thought Massechuesettes was on the WEST side. You know, where... ummmm.... that one state is.... you know... shoot. I don't actually know what state *IS* on the West side of Lake Michigan. Are we sure it's not Massechuettes?

Anyway. Like I said, terrible at geography. I blame the schools. I'm pretty sure my geography classes went something like this:

Teacher: See, there's Los Angeles... and then there's more Los Angeles... and then there's some desert... and some mountainy things... and then there's this mystery area in the middle of the country that no one's really explored yet, I think the Bermuda triangle might be there... and anyway, if you just keep going East you eventually hit New York, which I've heard is really cold in the Winter, so you should never go there. In fact, you should really just never leave LA. Trust me. The rest of the country doesn't even have flush toilets or paved roads or movie stars.

So, see, I was doomed from the start!

I kid you not, when I went away to college (a whopping 5 hours north of Los Angeles) I wondered where I would do my shopping, because certainly malls don't exist outside Los Angeles... and also, where would I find hip new music to listen to, because certainly they don't have radio stations outside Los Angeles, and if they do they probably play nothing but top 40s music and think it's AWESOME.

The first time I went to Michigan, I actually WAS shocked to see that the roads were paved and the bathroom facilities were both indoor and flushable. Yeah. Let's just say I grew up a little sheltered.

But anyway, I digress. Back to geography! And my non-existent skillz.

So I'm going to a conference in April in Bethesda. Which, people tell me, is in Maryland. And when I heard Maryland I thought, "!! Oh !! I have a friend in Washington DC... I wonder if Washington DC is anywhere close to Bethesda, Maryland?" Turns out it is!! Hooray! And then I thought of my blog friend, Julie, who lives in Delaware. And I thought, "Hmmmmmmm I wonder if Delaware is anywhere close to Bethesda, Maryland?" And then I spent a non-zero amount of time trying to figure out which state Delaware was in.


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