Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Bought A Dress!

... and then I promptly returned it the very next day. Because, for the price of the dress, I could have put a nice down payment on a snazzy new car, or bought 15 cameras, or two large screen Hi-Def televisions, or roughly 1,142 lattes. Quick, do the math, I'll wait.

Yeah. That much. For a DRESS! That I'll wear ONE TIME. Seriously.

The dress can be seen Here (Except I was going to replace the beads and sparkles with the lace from this dress.)

(Note: click on "View Alternate Images" at the upper right to see what the dress actually looks like - hard to tell from the glamor shot of the model - you can't even see like half the dress!!)

The dress was GORGEOUS, and fit like a dream! (And I think the fabric was nicer that what they show in the "view alternate images" photo, because, really, it was way more luxurious looking in person.) But, you know, my options were

Dress OR Cake and Flowers and Invitations and DJ.

So, no contest really. Sigh. It sure was purty, though.

Oh well, the search continues.

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