Friday, November 30, 2007

Photos From The Tahoe

A photo post... because I'm the perfect combination of narsisitic and lazy today.

We arrived in Lake Tahoe on Wednesday evening. There were two families: my mom and stepdad and me and my sister (and our men, and my man's brother) and my stepdad's brother, his wife, and their two kids. (
This cabin renting thing has become somewhat of a tradition for our families at Thanksgiving time. Much easier than having everyone at one person's house for the entire long weekend. )

So anyway, Kyle, Kelsey, and I show up Wednesday night, eat some amazing ribs, and then the drinking beings. By the time Sunday rolled around, everyone sobered up and went home. The following pictures were taken sometime in between.

Drew, my sister's boyfriend, doing the turkey brine thing.

Mmmmm... Nothing says yummy like raw poultry in a bucket.

Uncle Lance and Jessica - playing some serious Ping Pong

Moving on to (Beer) Pong

Action Shot
Pong Tournament - Action Shot. (And yes, Kyle's shirt definitely says "Michelangelo is a Party Dude")

Jes and Kels
Kelsey and Jessica, kicking butt, taking names, and cheesin it up for the camera

Jessica, me, Caitlin - more cheese

Me and the Caits - WORST PONG PLAYERS EVER!!!!!

IMG_7704 IMG_7706 IMG_7707 IMG_7712
Seriously, Just.Terrible.

I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard.

Thanksgiving day - My sis lookin all beautiful

Look mom! I can make Brussel Sprouts!

Pumpkin Spice Bread Turkey - YUM! (And so cute!)

Mom, Aunt Nina, and Jes (and yummy sweet potatoes!!!!)

Keith and my stepdad, being manly on the couch watching football while the women-folk cook

Drew, the master carver with Turkey #1

We were a little concerned about Turkey #2... it appears to have been deep fried to a crisp!

Luckily, it's gorgeous on the inside. (And isn't that what really matters?)

IMG_7763 IMG_7764
After dinner couch time

Bundeled up for a night time walk

On Friday, there was much hiking at Squaw - must burn off that 4th helping of pie!

Kelsey and Kyle bundled up - It was cold!

Men in the woods - I love this picture!

IMG_7782 IMG_7784
IMG_7784 IMG_7785
Squaw is pretty ugly

Me and Kyle - FINALLY at the Summit - Hiking at altitude was REALLY HARD! (There were several occasions where I thought we'd need to be airlifted out...)

All of us at the top! (I swear I'm not short! I just hang with tall peeps.)

Yeah, we bought hot chocolate and took the Gondola back down the mountain - we're hard core, but not THAT hard core.

View from the bottom looking back up - Woah - that was quite a hike!

IMG_7777 IMG_7777
IMG_7777 IMG_7777
On Saturday we took a boat tour of Lake Tahoe - Very relaxing and pretty

On Sunday, having had our fill of beer, and wine, and Pong, and turkey, and beautiful things to see, we went home, thankful for the amazing weekend.


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