Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pressure Blogging

So, right now I'm in the Detroit Airport with Kyle and Kelsey, we've partied at the wedding, celebrated Kyle's sister's fiance's birthday, had our (early) Thanksgiving dinner, hugged all million members of Kyle's family 15 times, and said goodbye with promises to return at Christmas. Now we're trying to make our way back to California. And our flight's been delayed. Ugh. Normally this wouldn't really bug me too much... but today is different... because, HELLO I haven't blogged yet today! We were originally supposed to land at 9:30 pm PST... plenty of time left for posting a NABloPoMo entry... but now, with the delay, we might actually not make it back by midnight!!! CRAP. So I just paid $5.25 for 15 minutes of internet time here at the airport. And WOW 15 minutes goes quick! (Only 3 minutes left!)

So anyway, this is sort of just a perfunctory post. Written while I watched the clock tick down. (No pressure!) Sorry.

I promise to be more entertaining tomorrow.

(oh and Kyle says hi!)


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