Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What The

So Kyle gets home from work yesterday and discovers the strangest thing. About a month ago we planted two azaleas in front of our house, one in each little bit of dirt on either side of our garage. They were darling azaleas and we were very excited about them. Well, one of the little azaleas has since thrived, but the other little azalea, not so much. Bummer. We can’t for the life of us understand why one was doing so well while the other was barely hanging on. So weird. But anyway, Kyle gets home last night and the near dead azalea is GONE! Just gone. And the little plot of earth where it once was looks as though there never was an azalea there to begin with. There’s no hole, so dirt strewn about, no evidence at all that someone had taken our plant. It’s like it just vanished! Poof. The happy plant was still there, but the sickly one, gone. Huh? We shrugged and decided that it must have been an intervention brought on by someone who thought we obviously couldn’t handle the responsibility of caring for this little plant on our own. Oh well.
Well, later that evening we were walking to dinner and we saw this:


There is obviously a PLANT THIEF in our neighborhood!! What the??